Jewels by the Sea
Committed to creating high quality 
custom Nautical Jewelry for you!
California White Floating
Five top-drilled Pieces of Seaglass with Sterling Silver Bails and Extenders.
Price:  $125.00
English Seafoam in Basket
Puerto Rico with Aquamarine
Jewels by the Sea Necklaces
We take pride in our wide selection of quality jewelry. All of the jewelry we offer is handmade and can be delivered to you within 2-3 business days. All payments are secured by PayPal.

If you have any questions regarding our jewelry or would like more information, please contact us:
Freshwater Pearls with Pink AB Czech Beads with Sterling Silver Findings. 
Price:  $140.00
English seafoam in a Gold-filled Basket with a Gold-filled and Sterling Silver Chain with Extenders
Black and Gray English Multi Pendant on a Sterling Silver Chain with Onyx, Bali Silver and Sterling Silver Extenders
Price:  $160.00
California Rainbow Necklace
California 11 piece Rainbow 
Seven Pieces of California Seaglass Centerdrilled with a Gold-filled Chain
Price:  $150.00
Multiple Color California Seaglass 
with a Gold-Filled Chain
Price:  $190.00
Black and Gray English Multi
California Center-drill
California Center-drill 
Price:  $140.00
Price:  $180.00
Puerto Rico Seaglass in a Gold-filled Basket with Aquamarine and Moonstone Chain and Extenders
Nine pieces of California Seaglass Centerdrilled with a Sterling Silver Chain and Gold-filled Accent Beads
Price:  $145.00
Five Pieces of Seaglass Top-drilled with Gold-filled Bails and Gold-filled Chain
Top-drilled California Grey and Sky Blue Glass with Sterling Chain
English Seafoam with Bali Silver and Gold Fill Chain
Center-drilled Seafoam Seaglass with Sterling Silver Chain and Extenders
English White Seaglass with Square Freshwater Pearls, Swarovski Crystals, and Sterling Silver
Hawaiian Center-Drilled 
English Side-Drilled with Bali Silver  and Gold fill Chain
Sky Blue and Grey
California Rainbow
English White/Square Pearls
Price:  $140.00
Price:  $140.00
Price:   $140.00
Price:  $150.00
Seven Piece Violet with Magnesite, FW Pearls and Czech Glass
English Seafoam Side-drill
Fish Pendant & English Multi
​Top-drilled California Seaglass with Czech Glass, FW Pearls, Magnesite and Sterling Silver
Center Drilled California Seaglass with English Multi Pendant on a Gold-filled Chain
Price:  $130.00
Price:  $140.00
Price:  $180.00
Price:  $140.00
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Side-drilled English Seafoam with Floating Chain of Freshwater Pearls, Czech Glass, Turquoise and Sterling