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About Jewels by the Sea
Jewels in the Sea is family-owned and operated  in Hobe Sound, Florida. We both work together to create unusual one of a kind pieces of seaglass jewelry.

We travel worldwide to find unusual glass from Kauai, Hawaii to the West to Savonna, Italy in the East. After finding nice seaglass, we have to figure out the best way to search for it whether it is scratching with plastic scratchers, wading in the water or sifting through pebbles on the ​beach.
The best places to find glass is at a "rubbly" beach resulting from an old dump or glassworks factory.
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Seaham, England
Between 1855 John Candlish began the Seaham Bottleworks with his partner. Since there was abundant coal for the furnaces and sand for making glass, this was an ideal location for the glassworks business. With a new financier, Frederick Stewart, and a new name the Londonderry Bottleworks became the largest bottleworks in Europe. At the "end of the day" the workers would melt the glass remnants and hurl them into the North Sea. For over 100 years, the glass has been rounded by the constant pounding of the sea, sand, rocks and the salinity of the ocean creating the treasure we know as seaglass.The company closed in 1921 for financial reasons.
From the Sea...many wonderful things come....
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Sea Glass Jewelry Items from around the world......Jewels by the Sea
English Beach
There may be steep cliffs; however, the scenery is exquisite.
St. George, Bermuda
This is one of our favorite places to collect seaglass.
Ft. Bragg, California
Sometimes, we have help looking for seaglass. You can get to this 1906 Earthquake beach easily since a new path on the bluff was constructed in 2015! 
Bergeggi, Italy
This town is just outside of Savona, Italy
Barcelona, Spain
We think there was a municipal dump in this area.